About Me

My name is C. Kristine Osnes, formerly known as Kristy, Toolah (to my Grandma Barbara), Krissy (to a very chosen few). I am now known as Kris, Kristine, C. Kristine, cko (or a combination thereof to most); Kris-E (to mjh’s chosen one); Krisofer (to my Father and Bonnie); Cup or Cupper (to my brother); the Shopping Devil (to my brother-in-law); Bubba (to Christine and her circle); Leany, Leanage, Ay Matey, Little Filly, or Brave Buckaroo (to my sister); Auntie-Kris-Momma (to Milly, my cocker spaniel niece); Bug or Bear (often to Darcy); and finally, Tinky Winky, Tinky, or Tink (even, sometimes, to myself).

I have been different super heros, The Lone Ranger, Robin Hood, the Supreme Commander of toy soldiers, an artist, a student, a cook, a typesetter, a scholar, a golfer, a gamer, an attorney, a wannabe dweeb, of counsel, lead counsel, the codifier of rules.

Now, at last, for the most part, I just am. Which is really all I’ve ever wanted to be. Oh, and I am JEDI (at least to those of you who know the area code and prefix).

Mon 04/19/04 at 9:12 am

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