From I Be to I Am, Part 3: Eve (and Adam)

Sat 07/09/16 at 10:41 am

Below is the third installment of my version of the Eve (and Adam) myth as presented in my, at this time suspended, work in progress, The First Voice:
“Let me tell you what really happened. For the first few hundred thousand years of life on earth, the only mitochondria present in living organisms, including the genus Homo, consisted of ‘to be’ symbionts. In other words, all life on earth was sentient. Everyone and everything just hung out, living and being — like the singularity before the big bang. Then one day, about 100,000 years ago in what is now Ethiopia, a homo sapiens female, let’s call her Eve, came upon an apricot tree. She’d never seen an apricot before, and she knew that sometimes certain foods made her feel bad, but she was very hungry. Throwing caution to the wind, Eve ate a few apricots. As it happened, the apricots growing on this tree contained ‘I am’ mitochondria.
“One of the ‘I am’ mitochondria migrated to Eve’s brain where it took the place of a ‘to be’ mitochondrion. There, it produced an electrical impulse which caused Eve to undergo an epiphany virtually identical to the one experienced by the original ‘I am,’ or Yahweh, string. In essence, the symbiote spoke the first words of what is now a long-forgotten language. You have probably heard the Latin equivalent, ‘Mememto mori,’ which freely translates as ‘remember that you are mortal;’ ‘remember you will die;’ or ‘remember your death.’ With this realization, something akin to the big bang took place in Eve’s brain. The ‘I am’ mitochondrion and its host cell started self-replicating until a highly specialized bundle of neurons formed in the center of Eve’s brain.
“You see, ingesting the ‘I am’ mitochondrion caused sapience, or knowledge, symbionts to form separate and apart from Eve’s sentience symbionts. The newly created neuron bundle was designed specifically to accommodate the ‘I am’ symbionts. It consists of two orientation areas. The left area creates the brain’s spatial sense of self, while the right creates the physical space in which the self exists.”
Elfredge distracted by Johanna’s account, began touching her fingertips with her thumb and then her forearm.
“I guess I never really thought about it before,” said Elfredge, slowly. “But I really don’t feel where I stop and the world starts, though now I do feel the breeze on my skin. I can see where I stop and the rest of the world stops. How weird if I couldn’t make that distinction. So what happened next?”
“Unable to bear her sense of isolation and the knowledge of her mortality alone, she convinced her mate — let’s call him Adam — to also eat some of the apricot. His brain and mitochondrial DNA, too, underwent the transformation. Their children were born with inner, personal awareness, free-standing, observant selves, possessed with all the attendant emotions, sensations, and cognition. Thus did sapience spread throughout the human race. Think of it as the first ‘Me’ generation. You, too, have such a bundle because mitochondrial DNA passes virtually unchanged from mother to daughter generation after generation.”
“Only matrilineally?” asked Elfredge.
“Good question,” said Johanna. “Male sperm contains only enough mitochondria to power the sperm to the surface of the egg – it does not enter the egg.”
Michael signaled Jim to bring another round to the table.
“And sapience is bad?”
“What you need to realize, Elfredge,” said Johanna, “is that in a sense, knowledge, or sapience, blew the singularity to smithereens.”
“You mean the ‘I am’ string, Yahweh?”
“That’s right. Yahweh is nearly pure sapience.”
“What does that mean, exactly?”
“Remember last night how Michael explained that dark energy is the fusion of knowledge and compassion?”
“Think of sapience as knowledge and sentience as compassion.”
“So dark energy is sapient and sentient.”
“Yes, but before the big bang there was no such thing as sapience and sentience, or any other dichotomies for that matter. Everything simply was, and, for the most part, even now, the vast majority of the universe, simply is.”
“Except for earth.”
“I guess we still haven’t been clear,” said Michael. “For the most part, Gaia, too, simply is. Sapience separate from sentience has manifested in only one species — though other Gaian species, whales, dolphins, the primates, parrots, and ravens are close. Homo neanderthalensis would also be included, had any survived.”
“So, you’re telling me the human race is the only self-aware entity in the universe?”
“That’s correct,” said Johanna.
“And that’s bad,” said Elfredge.
“If Johanna and I believed that, she and I wouldn’t be sitting here having brunch with you.”
“Then why Yahweh’s prohibition?”
“I need to clarify one thing about the initial Garden of Eden encounter,” said Johanna. “Yahweh’s anger and disappointed that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit stemmed from their disobedience rather than the actual eating. Secretly I think he was pleased by Eve’s initiative and, of course, desire to be just like Him.”

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