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Tue 04/24/12 at 3:28 pm

Okay, here’s a major “do, do, do, do.”  A few days ago, I started a new Walking Raven entry that gave me occasion to pull up the Word Press Dashboard for the first time in a long time. There, I noticed a draft document entitled “Write My Novel – Please.” I began reading it, and realized I had no memory of ever having written it. I went to Walking Raven and searched for that title. Not there. It appears, then, to be an unpublished draft of a post. I searched all my documents and found none that contained the phrase “write my novel.” Here’s the deal, I can recall no other time when I composed an entry from the start in Word Press. I always write my drafts in Word and then transfer them to Word Press for the final polish.

I was, and remain, completely baffled by how this entry came to be. After reading it through, I concluded it and I have too many shared ideas to believe that anyone but me would have written it. Thus, I decided to give it a final edit and post it to Walking Raven. Here, then, is the mysterious entry:

Write My Novel – Please

Near as I can tell I’ve got one, maybe two, books in me. If I were ever to get them written, I want to write poetry and Walking Raven posts exclusively. Hence this entry to see if anybody else out there wants to give it try. In brief, Taylor Milleva, is a mathematical prodigy. She is a poster child that makes we Americans feel better about the somewhat dismal mathematics ratings compared to the rest of the world. [When I first read the draft, I had absolutely no idea how I came to name my protagonist Taylor Milleva. In thinking about it, “Taylor” may have made the short list as a name for a dog or cat. Just before posting this, I decided to search Google for “Milleva” to see if any results could shed some light. Imagine my surprise and then realization when I learned that “Mileva” was the name of Einstein’s first wife, a mathematician and physicist in her own right. Some folks believe it was really she who authored what Einstein dubbed the Annus Mirabilis papers in 1905. So my choice for Taylor’s surname solved.]

At an early age Taylor began pursuing a degree in Mathematics at Brown University. To allow her to do this, her parents insisted she take two liberal arts classes of her choice each semester. The first semester she chose Modern (Post 1950) American Literature and an in-depth comparative reading of Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Susanna Clark’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. She took Art History and Music Appreciation her second semester.

Taylor believes there is a universal “music of the spheres” which was spoken (or rather, sung/chanted) by human, celestial, and sentient beings until Yahweh and his heavenly entourage collectively known as “Us” decided to topple the tower of Babel and confound all speech. [For more about this topic, you may want to check out the Walking Raven entry entitled “Us.”] Taylor filled boards and boards with mathematical formulae looking for the key to this original language without success.  She was especially interested in discovering the Lost Chord.

At the end of spring semester, Taylor was given the chance of a lifetime — to spend the summer as an intern working at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. It was the summer the quantum physicists would attempt to prove the existence of the Higgs boson a/k/a the God particle. Some people are frightened that in doing so, a singularity will be created and a second “Big Bang” will result blowing us, and the rest of the universe, to kingdom come, metaphorically speaking, of course.  [We all know that won’t happen as the world is scheduled to end this coming December 12. The experiment actually planned for the collider is scheduled to take place this coming summer, but just in case.]

Well, I’ve gotten Taylor to CERN, now you’re on your own. Come up with a solid ending and figure out how to get there. Have fun.


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  1. Nice. Solid start. Since we don’t really know what happens on the Event Horizon or in the first second of the BB, I find it plausible that everything happen(-ed, -s) in an instant of infinite duration. The long nanosecond of existence. Just seems slower from our perspective.

    Comment by mark justice hinton — April 24, 2012 #

  2. Doesn’t it end with the singularity and BB happening, and Taylor’s consciousness taking us in to the instant of infinite duration, with music being born, living, dying infinitely?

    Comment by Laraine — April 28, 2012 #

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