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Thu 09/01/11 at 6:57 pm

Today when I appeared to be napping, I was actually thinking because even after a largely sleepless night I was unable to go to sleep. Ever since my transplant, sleep has been iffy. Indeed the first few weeks I maybe caught 20 minutes here and there. Days are very long when sleep fails to happen – especially when one is encumbered by draining chest tubes, lying in a bed with a mattress that precludes being able to reach the controls with at least one “Code Blue” called on the ward each night — talk about momento mori. Anyway, I’m really sick of being sleep deprived. But, I digress.

Today, as I was lying there, a question came to mind. Assuming dogs and cats are sentient but not sapient, are they nonetheless enlightened in that they don’t know where they end and the rest of the universe begins?

That thought gave way to a somewhat related, but really not so much, reminder of a line in a song recorded by Art Garfunkel in his first solo effort entitled “Angel Clare.” One of the tracks ends with the question, “Do spacemen pass dead souls on their way to the moon?”

I think I may have dropped off for a bit after that.

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