And So (Hopefully) It Begins

Wed 07/27/11 at 10:20 am

Some of you may recall from other blog entries or posts that I have transferred almost all of my cds to iTunes. At present, I have 9119 songs in my Library. For some time now, I’ve been listening to them all by album, alphabetically by title. As of the beginning of this entry, I’ve made it to “Hits” by Phil Collins. The other day, I remembered I read an interview with Neil Gaiman in which he explained that he listened to music while he wrote. I thought I might give it a try. Then my musician Brother was killed and it was too painful to listen to much music – especially Standards and any song with a piano. Lately, I’ve added music back into my life. I am still, however, neglecting my writing.

Then a few days ago, it dawned on me that in all likelihood I had at least one unwritten page swirling around in my head for each of those 9119 songs; maybe even that many unwritten poems, novels, essays, posts, etc. My biggest regret by far is my unwillingness regularly to perform the act of committing the compositions of my mind to paper – real or virtual – i.e., writing. [One night I asked a group of friends whether if an individual lacks something with which to write and so tells a thought story to him/herself for later transcription (maybe), is that “writing?” The consensus was “No.” Writing by definition includes the physical act of placing symbols on a page – real or virtual.]

In a weird sort of way, I can see how listening to music might help a person to focus and stay engaged longer than might otherwise be the case. Then I thought waaaaay back to my 17th Century Literature class and the poet Christopher Smart. He would suffer bouts of insanity periodically and wander the streets of London practicing Paul’s admonition recorded in I Thessalonians 5:17: “pray without ceasing.” I substituted “write” for “pray,” and decided I would indeed endeavor to write without ceasing to the best of my ability. It’s time and I have much to say – even if from experience I know I am more or less a lone voice crying in the virtual wilderness.

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  1. Buddy, You know you can count on me to look forward to every word you write. Remember, there are other readers we never know about. peace, mjh

    Comment by mjhinton — August 3, 2011 #

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