Thu 06/15/06 at 2:23 pm

So, last-night, I finally went to bed at a half-way decent hour; i.e., it really was last night. Okay, so my Xbox 360 broke. Elfredge’s dark-elf avatar (multiple definitions intended) is in a state of suspended animation on the hard drive. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Level 30, Order of the Dragon. Arch-Mage. Recently demoted from Guardian to Defender in the Fighter’s Guild after informing her superior that the Chorrel Guild Master’s remaining son had died at the hands of the Blackwoods faction. Thank God (if you ascribe to that sort of thing) it isn’t the hard drive. And speaking of nouns (“God” as a thing, get it?), “suspended animation” what a perfect, and hence, great, description turned noun. And it is a “noun,” because while the short definition of “noun” is “naming word,” Encarta goes on to explain that “noun” is “a word or group of words used as the name of a class of people, places, or things, or of a particular person, place, or thing.” (Emphasis mine.) And now we’ve gotten to the state of something (suspended animation) as the thing itself — and is suspended animation really a thing, after all? I’m just not going to go there – at least not in this entry, because then it would be here . . . oh, never mind. (And you wonder why I haven’t written the damn book yet.)

But that’s why I’m writing this entry. To tell you just that. “That” being that I’m writing the damn book. Consequently, I anticipate that blog entries, if any even, will be fewer and farther between than they already are. I’m not saying to stop stopping by all together, I’m just saying not to expect a whole lot if you stop by. Just know, it’s a good thing. Maybe I’ll even post a chapter or two down the line. Later, bye.

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