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Fri 09/30/05 at 5:03 pm

Darcy, Dante, Joe, and I attended the Greyhound Reunion Picnic at Bataan Memorial Park in Albuquerque last Sunday afternoon. The annual event is the major fundraiser for Greyhound Companions of New Mexico. While there, I had a plate of shrimp experience with regard to me in general and the book in particular. See August 12, 2005 Post. Many years ago, a good friend and I were discussing the fact that one of my most enduring (or was it endearing? — y’er right, prob’ly not) qualities was my sense of loyalty. She told me I had a “dog heart.” A few chapters into my first version of The First Voice, I realized Elfredge needed a protector with a dog heart. I toyed with the idea of simply naming this individual “Dogheart,” but I thought “Elfredge” was already pushing the envelope.

The issue resolved itself as I began constructing Dogheart’s back story. I hit upon a scenario whereby she was “from France.” (Foreshadowing, again. Patience, patience.) In France she was known as Coeur de Chien, but when she immigrated to the United States through Canada, immigration officials “Americanized” it. As for her first name, I have a good friend whose name I like a lot. Thus, the character Robin Chiencoeur sprung full grown from my brain.

As for the plate of shrimp part, our first stop at the greyhound picnic was a booth set up by Black Horse Design jewelers. Carmen, one of the jewelers, told me to check out the company’s donation to the silent auction. For the first time ever, they had donated the master casting of a piece that will be available for sale in October. The name of the piece is “Heart Hound.” Needless to say, we hung around until the auction closed to make sure we had the winning bid. (Darcy had to make a cash run, but hey, it was for a good cause.) The framed casting (with accompanying poem) has joined the ashes (and pictures) of Devon and B’mer on top of the entertainment center in the living room. See Posts for August 4, 2005 and July 5, 2004.

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