Blog-worthiness II

Mon 04/05/04 at 5:46 pm

Sometimes when I have what I now consider to be a blog-worthy thought (because such things as blogs exist) I start to compose a blog-entry in my head. I think in words — at least when I am aware that I am thinking I think in words. There was a time when I spent so much of my time typing that my thoughts became a marquee streaming across the inside of my forehead. I would literally “type” them on my platonic keyboard letter by letter. It was with some amazement (and suspicion) that I learned other people do not, apparently, think in words but in some other way. No one has quite been able to explain what that is like. I’ve tried to imagine what it must be like to have unspoken concepts or images floating around in one’s head that every once in awhile get snared and translated.

These days, my word thoughts are no longer typed. Rather, I tell them to myself. And sometimes, as stated above, a blog-worthy thought emerges from this running commentary. When it does, I stop and examine it. Often it’s a question that comes to [my] mind. Occasionally, it’s a declarative statement. Other times, the world or individuals in the world supply me with blog-worthy ideas, like the fortune that became my January 25th entry. These are the bits and pieces I sometimes jot down on paper or record as a voice memo to save for further examination at a more convenient time.

A few years ago at an Urban Outfitters I came across a wonderful green notebook with ruled pages, about 4″x 6″ in size. It had a ribbon of elastic to keep it closed. I purchased that wonderful book and carried it with my whereever I went, and every once in a while had the wherewithal to jot down thoughts or phrases that I found of interest — though less than 20 pages over nearly as many years have even made it that far. Recently, I learned that this notebook is a knockoff of a Moleskine notebook, “the legendary notebook of European artists and intellectuals, from . . . Ferdinand Celine to Andre Breton to Earnest Hemingway.” Moleskine products are being manufactured again by an Italian company, Modo et Modo. I ran across a variety of Moleskine notebooks in the Satellite Cafe on Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico a while back. Of course, I had to have one (Earnest Hemingway, after all), though I’ll probably never write in it as my green knockoff still has about 80 blank ruled pages. (You too can have one by visiting

In any event, having this blog might just inspire me to give some context to these few pages of words and phrases, and let you all know some of what it is I’ve spent the last twenty years talking to myself about.

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