Tue 03/30/04 at 3:47 pm

Okay, it’s about time to do something with this weblog (hereinafter “‘blog”) my dear friend Mark has agreed to host for me. For the most part, I wanted a ‘blog (hereinafter “blog”) because I wanted a blog. And, of course because Mark had a blog. Though I might have that reversed. In other words, at the outset I may have wanted a blog solely because Mark had a blog. Actually, Mark has more than one blog, but I do not have blog envy. One blog is enough for me because my blog is, as described, a “miscellany;” i.e., a collection of writings on various subjects. As I understand it, a real blog should have frequent, though not necessarily, daily additions. So I’m off to a pretty non-blog start. Most days I have at least one blog-worthy thought. Trouble is, I forget that thought much more often than I remember to jot it down or speak it into my handy dandy Sony digital recorder, or my cell phone (that sports a voice memo function), or my Dell Axim that theoretically enables me either to record my thought (haven’t yet mastered that feature) or, not so theoretically, use the stylus to write or tap it into written symbols. And see, here comes my blog-worthy thought of the day. If I put a thought on paper, or encode it onto a computer monitor, or for that matter speak it out loud, does it become matter? We only have matter and energy or anti-matter and — is there such a thing as anti-energy? Apparently there is. The first article that crops up after a Google search of the term “antienergy,” advises that “[c]hange requires motion. No motion, no change. Motion requires energy. No energy, no motion. We postulate here the existence of antienergy which makes time go backwards.” (Who says Merlin was nuts.) [For a complete rundown on this postulation, here’s the link:]. Getting back to my first question, when, if ever, does a thought make the transition from energy to matter? If I’m not mistaken, Stephen Hawking has a running bet with somebody about what happens if a copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica gets tossed into a black hole . . .

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